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ORIGIN is a friendly priced custom action that utilizes many features included in the Bighorn line of actions. This receiver is available in the following configurations:
– SHORT action only
– RIGHT or LEFT hand
– 223, 308, Magnum or PPC/SPC (Valkyrie) bolt heads
– Swept bolt handle
– Remington style feed lips (compatible with AICS magazines and hinged floor plate designs)
– 5 choices of bolt knobs
– Pinned 20 MOA rail
ORIGIN features the same footprint as a Remington Model 700 action to allow for easy installation into most stocks and chassis as well as utilizing the same trigger configuration as a Remington Model 700. ORIGIN is threaded to the same spec as standard Savage small-shank threads allowing for Savage pre-fit barrels as well as the option of the classic shouldered barrel.

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Zermatt Arms, Inc. is happy to announce The ORIGIN action!
The ORIGIN action by ZAI includes some major features from ZAI’s Bighorn line of actions such as:
– pinned rail
– fluted bolt body
– floating and interchangeable bolt head
– controlled round feed
– fully enclosed mechanical ejector
– Remington style feed lips
New features for the ORIGIN are:
– pinned recoil lug
– swept bolt handle
– DLC coated bolt heads
– Salt bath nitride receiver and bolt body
Standard compatibility options include but are not limited to:
– Savage small shank pre-fit barrels
– Remington Model 700 inlet stocks and chassis
– Remington Model 700 aftermarket triggers
– Hinged floor plate internal box magazines
– AICS style detached box magazines (not AW)
– All of Bighorn Arms bolt knobs (5 options)
The ORIGIN action is typically available in 2-4 weeks. Full price is $825

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Bolt Head

223 (magazine fed only), Standard (308), Magnum, Valkyrie/PPC (specify caliber in notes)

Bolt Knob

Tactical, Helical Diamond, Teardrop, Spiral, Diamond