Tactical and Sporter Actions

Our Tactical Action (TL) and Sporter Action (SR) offer a very similar set of characteristics. The TL is set up to run detachable box magazines, setting up great for PRS-style match shooting. The SR offers either single shot feed trays or Remington-style feed lips for internal box magazines making for a great hunting rifle.

1. The BIGHORN ARMS logo is engraved on the shroud on the entire line.


2. The ejection port on the TL is slightly smaller than that of the SR making for a slightly stronger action. The openness of the SR allows for top feeding and does not compromise the strength of our action.

1. The bolt stop pin floats in an oval shaped hold in the bolt stop so that it will never take the shock from stopping the bolt.


2. The new bolt stop exerts pressure on the action body and not the bolt stop pin.


3. The mechanical ejector allows even the shortest cartridges to be ejected reliably. It also allows the user to decide how far the rounds will be ejected out of the action.

1. With 20 TPI you have the option of runing a prefit barrel or have your local gunsmith shoulder up a custom one.


2. The bolt head floats allowing for 100% lug contact when firing. These are also user swap-able, allowing for multiple caliber options.


3. The open bottom of our bolt head allows for controlled round feeding out of box magazines.

1. The firing assembly is a bayonet style that can easily be removed from the bolt body without the need for tools.

1. Rails are pinned in place as well as screwed down.


2. There is no center cut on the rails.