Zermatt Arms Inc., the parent company and manufacturers of Bighorn Arms, is also a manufacturer of precision rifle parts. ZAI is proud to provide several different products that work in conjunction with Bighorn actions as well as other actions.

12 Point Barrel Nut

The 12 Point barrel nut is designed for a rifle that uses Savage threads. It is easily put on or taken off with a standard 1-1/8" wrench. The simplicity of this wrench is perfect for anyone from a novice shooter to a master craftsman gunsmith to secure a barrel to an action. These are available now HERE.

Rear-Entry Action Wrench

ZAI designed and is producing our own action wrenches. These wrenches are built specifically for the Bighorn Arms actions, but are also compatible with Remington Model 700 actions as well as Savage actions. The wrench allows entry into a Bighorn Arms action from it's barrel without removing the mechanical ejector. These are available now HERE.


The INVISI-NUT barrel nut is designed for a rifle that uses Savage threads. The beauty of this nut is the fact that it is perfectly round, and almost invisible at 6 feet. We know this has been done before and with many issues, that's why we designed our own wrench which you can check out below. These are available now HERE.

INVISI-NUT Torque Wrench

An engineering breakthrough that makes round barrel nuts more sensible. The INVISI-NUT Torque Wrench uses cam-locking roller bearings to secure a solid grip completely around the nut equally. The head is assembled on a torque wrench for a sure-fire tight fit. These are available now HERE.

Want more?

If so, give us a call at 402.782.2884 to learn about other ZAI products such as suppressors or barrel nuts.